Input Type4 Channel high level,2 RCA Input,Built-in digital Buletooth
Output Type4 Channels Amplifier

4CH×55W RMS + 6 RCA Low Output

Output GainGain range:Mute,-59dB~0.0dB
Output Signal EQ10 Band Equalizer Engine:
1.Frequency Range:20Hz~20KHz,1Hz Accuracy
2.Q value(Slope):0.404~28.852
3.Gain:-12.0dB~+12.0dB,0.1dB Accuracy
Output Signal CrossoverEach output is equipped with multi-order high and low pass independent filters.
1.Professional filtering types:Butter-W, Bessel,Link-Rill
2.Filtering frequency division point: 20Hz~20kHz, Resolution 1Hz
3.Filter Slope(slope) setting:6dB/Oct ~ 48dB/Oct and OFF
Output Phase and Time AlignmentEach output channel can be adjusted for phase and delay,parameter range
Phase:in-plase  or reverse-phase(0°/180°);
Delay: 0.000 to 20.000 mill, 0 to 692 cm,0 to 273 inch.
Presets8 presets into the device.


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