2.4 Inch OLED

  1. Screen Media Player Support WAV,MP3,FLAV,APE format  Menu button: Click to enter the device center, there are U disk music and device cascade settings. U Disk Music: You can view U disk files. Device cascading: You can set the total volume of DSP, audio source selection, sound effect recall or storage, bass volume, view device version number and player mode selection.
  2. Return button: return to the playback interface/return to the previous interface.
  3. Next song button: Click to switch to the next song.
  4. Previous button: Click to switch to the previous song.
  5. Knob: Rotate to adjust volume, click to pause/play.
  6. Screen: Display song information.
  7. U disk interface: U disk can be inserted, support FAT32 format


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